Amphigory Cosmetics Review

Hello, my loves!. How was your weekend?. Mine was full of craziness, lots going on, but it was great!. I am SUPER excited about this review, because this is an Indie brand that I just found out about. Today I will be reviewing 6 items that they make and sell, but I FULLY plan on getting some other things to review for you lovelies :).

Amphigory Cosmetics is a small company in Lafayette, IN. Comprised of two people, Zevaluz and Pazuzu, husband and wife. They carry a variety of items!. From Cosmetics, Incense, Oils, Wigs, Hair Color, and Jewelry for ALL your beauty needs, and I LOVE that!.

Firstly is the Eye and Lip Primer I love that you can use this on both lips and eyes, so convenient. This gives you an even pale-skin-tone base color, which is especially useful for bright or dramatic eye / lip colors. Safe for eye and lip area. Be sure to use separate applicators for eye or lip area and no double dipping.   I used this product under every lip products and eyeshadow I tested for this review. I think that a primer (some) are life saviors when it comes to the application, wear time, and the color payoff is generally much better off as well. You get 3 grams in a pot, with a screw top lid for 10.70. This amount should last you awhile!. My eyelids are not especially oily, nor dry, just “normal” so I cant speak for those who have excessive oily eyelids.


I really love their Metallic high shimmer LL Cream lipstain I have 2 shades. The first is  EMBER. A beautiful, beautiful Orange, with Gold flecks of shimmer.


If you have yellow undertones to your complexion, this shade will be dynamite on you!. It is creamy, with a very slight minty scent that I find refreshing. This wore on my lips for about 6 hours. It wore off wonderfully ,with no patchiness what so ever. After the initial “shine” went away I was still left with an orange stain that did not look dry, unless of course, your lips are dry, then I would recommend that you exfoliate first. The selection of colors are amazing, I really love them all. There are 13 colors as of today to choose from and retail for, 10.50.

This next color is called, Emerald City  and as you may know green is my most loved color to use in makeup!.


I love this one just as much as the Ember shade. This also retails for 10.50.

The next Item is one of her single eyeshadows, which are called, Bold Effect eyeshadow  I have the shade, Habitat . This shadow is so buttery, not lacking in pigmentation at all!. I need every color (eventually). They come in 11 shades, as of today. You get a whopping 3Grams for 8.50!. Also, you will find a selection of Glitter Shadows, 9 total for now.

Amphigory, Shadow

The next two items I will be reviewing are the Matte lipsticks The first shade is, Fireside. A gorgeous Blood Red that took me by surprise!. There are 16 Shades to choose from, you get 4 Grams of product for $10.00. Both of the shades that I have are NON-DRYING I was so impressed!. They glide on smoothly, and wear off in about 6 hours, but in a nice, even way that I look for in a Matte formula that is really hard to come by. They have a very slight sweet smell, just the right amount in my book. Also as an added bonus, the tops of the lids are clear!. I love that touch!. Just make sure you store them away from direct sunlight, you don’t want to ruin that wonderful lipstick!.


The Black shade, in Black Widow, took me by surprise the most. I  have never worn a black lipstick in my life, but knew I had to have it!. It’s just so darn creamy and pigmented!. I highly recommend that you use some sort of lip liner or primer, like the one I mentioned above as a base, for the best wear time and to prevent feathering. Wear time is going to vary, depending on what you will be doing, just the same as others. I just love the formulation, and that’s what makes me want more!. I am sorry for the contrasting swatch, my camera just could not get focused correctly for whatever reason. I assure you this is a very intensely pigment-packed black, there is no question about that!.


I hope you have found this helpful and exciting if you’ve never heard of this brand before!. I thrive on supporting, and spreading the word on small Indie Brands that I feel deserve the attention. I am happy to share this with you!. Until next time, take care of one another and come back to see me.

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Rimmel London Provocalips Review

Hello there!. Thank you for taking the time to read my review on Rimmel London’s 16hour wear, kiss proof, lip colour (how its spelled on tube). I hope you all are having a great week, I am 🙂 so lets get to it shall we?.

These are by no means “new” but, they are new to me. I am so thrilled I picked this little drugstore gem up!. I have the shade, 750- Heart Breaker, which is a deep red I’ll have it swatched for you, but of course you already knew that, didn’t you?.

Collage 2016-05-24 14_38_17

I will be going back to Walmart, looking at other shades that I may need as well because I adore this formula. No joke will last all day on your lips without breaking apart. The balm like substance on the other end is not in stick form. It has a doe foot, with a thick, like gloss inside that feels really nice. I do reapply this, 2 times in a full day, which I do not mind. The one thing that sold me is the fact that if you do reapply the gloss part, the color doesn’t get flaky, crumble, or anything!. They are at a great price too, 5.99 each. You can purchase these online, if you prefer  HERE

I am thankful for you all. I hope you found this helpful. Please, if you ever want to chat, or ask me some questions, I would be very happy to respond!. Take care my friends and I’ll be seeing you.

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Rave review on the Blistex Lip Medex!

Hello my Lovelies!.

I hope this is not a boring post for you but really, I just had to review this magical lip treatment!. I have suffered from cracked lips my entire life. Its never been due to dehydration, and I have honestly tried hundreds of lip treatments, and balms.

Simply, and quickly put, ” I bought this three days ago and my lips are almost baby ass smooth!”. Pardon my french but this Mama is beyond thrilled, whatever that word may be. In case you are not familiar with it here is a picture for you.


I found it at Walmart for 2.99. I would seriously, seriously, recommend that you go and pick one up!.

Well I’ll be seeing ya, my dear readers 🙂

Always, Amber Morris.

Eyes Of The Day using Kryolan

Hello My Lovelies!. I am excited about this post because I have never posted just an eye look. I hope you are all doing well. Things at home are good. I have been dusting all our furniture and nick-knacks pretty much daily because we happen to live on a very busy, dirt road and it somehow ends up floating inside, so that’s fun! (lol).

I recently became aware that the Makeup Brand Kryolan follows me on my social media accounts, I mean Snap Chat (Amberloveseyes) and Instagram (Amberloveseyes12).

I have no words for how exciting that is for me, I am honored. So in that respect I wanted to create a look using the U.V. Day Glow Palette that I purchased from them, HERE IS THEIR SITE Here is what I did;


I didn’t want the crease to be blended. Krylon is known for bold, amazing, different art forms using cosmetics, which I adore myself. Here are the products used.


The Liquid Liner I used is from L.A. Colors in Black. This liner is truly amazing, smudge proof and dries quickly. You can find this at your local Dollar Store and at most CVS Stores

Mascara is my new love; Hello Lashes from It Cosmetics.

Sea Green Auto Eyeliner from Jordana, in which I purchase at my local Walgreens.

From Kiko Milano, The Mixing Solution is a wonderful product that will make any of your loose powder products change into a liner, if you wish. I love it also for this palette because this is like a water color paint set and I find it better to use a Mixing Medium for a longer wear time and a much smoother application. Sadly when I went to their site so I could get the link for you I found that they discontinued this product!!!. MAC Cosmetics Mixing Medium is a nice one as well. Just in case you wanted to check out Kiko’s website, HERE

You go 🙂

On my lid I used a bit of the green, mixed in some of my liquid liner to darken it up. then did a cut crease with just the pink. I also used the Jordana Green liner for my brows.

On my lips I used from Jeffery Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Prom Night, which has by far the best formula of liquid lipsticks I have yet to try!. In the center of my lips I used Too Faced Cosmetics Unicorn Tears. This is a beautiful blue/pink/duo chrome lipstick.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and look. I am blessed to have a group of followers who connect with me, I will be forever grateful to each of you!. Until next time my Lovelies,

Amber Morris (I love eyes because Eyeshadow is my most favorite to play with).


Royal Care Cosmetics Gel Liner Review

Hello my loves!. I hope you are all having a great weekend!. Life is so good isn’t it?. We started our garden this past week, and  I  re-arranged my beauty room. My boys, Joshua and Gabriel have been out of school for Spring Break and I’ve enjoyed having them home, they are great little helpers!. Well now onto what you came here for!, but, a quick question; Leave me a comment and let me know, do you want to hear little stories about my life?.

I purchased these Gel liners about a month or longer ago on their website. I have not found Royal Care Cosmetics products in any store I am pretty sure it is an online only store, which is fine with me because you can safely check out with PayPal. Here are the 3 colors I bought, but I fully intend on getting them all, one day!.


These truly hold up to their claims!. These will not move an inch until you remove them.The only issue I have is with the website, in choosing the colors, there is no picture of the shade when choosing shades, only a number and the amount you want. I had to go to google and type in the shade number, to look at images of said color!.  I love everything about these, you will too!.

Ok now this is what I am going to do if you are interested in these. Below I am going to write the number and shade. Screen shot them to help you when choosing the colors you want.

Color #1 is snowflake Not a true white, it’s off white.

#2- Midnight Black

#3- Royal Blue

#4- Light Green Glitter

#5- Dark Midnight Blue

#6- Gold

#7-  True Red

#8-  Deep Maroon Red

#9- True White

#10- Gray Glitter

#11- Chocolate Brown

#12-  Moss Green

#13- Pale purple with a blue shift

#14-  Silver Glitter

#15- Peach Glitter

#16-  Light Shamrock green, glitter

#17-  Light Brown, glitter

#18- Black Glitter

#19- Camel Brown

#20-  Dark Chocolate Brown

#21- Sea Foam Green

#22- Ice Blue

#23-  Light Gold Glitter

#24- Green/Gold Glitter

#25- Mustard Yellow

#26-  Light Pink

#27- Lime green

#28- Hot Pink

#29- Pale Lavender

#30-  Royal Purple

You can find them HERE

I hope you have found my review helpful. Thank you for spending time on my blog!. Please don’t forget to follow me on my other social media sites, where the beauty fun is never-ending. Here is a list for you,


I’ll be seeing ya!. ~Amber Morris.


Mini Sephora Haul

Hello my dear readers!. I hope you are all well!. So today is an exciting day for me simply because I received my very first, EVER! Sephora package. In which I purchased all things myself:).


I have used Too Faced Shadow Insurance in the past and it is BY FAR!! the most wonderful primer for eye shadow, worth the 20.00. No joke, you only need the SMALLEST dot for each eyelid. This alone will make a MAJOR improvement!. HERE is where you can find it:).

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is a highly coveted treatment for the worst cases of dry lips. I bit the harsh bullet of paying 26.00 for this and I have a feeling, a real good feeling that I will not EVER be without this. HERE is where you can read all about it and purchase this!.

I have heard so many Beauty Junkies *like myself rave about the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. I purchased shade 04, Coral Crush, which I have linked, HERE

Tokyo Milk is also a brand you will hear about when searching for a highly rated lip treatment/balm product. The price is great at 7.00!. Linked, HERE

Last, but not least is a widely, loved Nail Polish brand, Nails Inc. The shade I picked up was in the Sales section for 8.00, other wise the non-sale choices range in price 4.00-15.00. Nearly every shade received a 5- star rating among nail polish lovers!. HERE is where you can find the one I picked!.

Thank you all for reading this post. I hope you found it interesting and helpful!. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever want to ask me something, request anything!. I am on Instagram, Amberloveseyes12, in which I post nearly everyday :). I also have a You tube channel. I have about 10-11 video’s in which I will be making more beauty related video’s in this coming month that I am super excited for. I will be going to Best Buy to purchase a new camera so I can produce the best quality of video because YOU DESERVE a clear video that you will actually enjoy watching.

Until next time my Lovelies!,

*Amber Morris



SYN Cosmetics Pigments and Glitter Review

Hello, my loves!. I hope you are all having a great week. I was recently introduced to this brand through Instagram and I am pumped about it because of the price point and wide selection of colors & finishes. I purchased 3 items simply because it was my first order and I just had to see the quality. I am impressed, that is for sure so let’s get to it!.

I purchased 1 of their glitters in the shade, Diamond Cut, which is a white glitter with silver, green, blue, and purple reflexes BEAUTIFUL!!. I have to say, glitter is HARD to photograph I must have taken 40 shots trying to capture all the colors and the camera sadly doesn’t give the best props to this shade as it so deserves. The first swatch will be over a normal eye shadow primer, not meant for glitter, just so you get an idea. The one I am using today is from Maybelline and it is their brand new smoothing primer that I just picked up recently.



2nd picture below is applied over Stargazer Cosmetics Glitter Fix Gel that I have used and loved for over a year.






The Glitter size is .004 which is awesome in my opinion, and all glitters are 5.99 unless of course a sale is going on. The “Sort of” downside is they do not tell you how much product is in the jar. You do get a generous amount, I was surprised actually, all 3 jars were filled to the top.

The first Pigment I will show you is called Flux. The fist picture will be a regular swatch over an eye primer and the second will be used wet for a more intense color payoff and for that I used Elf Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set which works well with every single loose shadow I have, no joke.

IMG_4746 (1)

IMG_4765 (1)


All pigments are 6.50, unless a sale is going on.

This shade is called Ruthless. This shade would be simply perfection on you Blue eyed ladies!. First swatch is over the Maybelline eye shadow base.


This time applied with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics Makeup Mist and Set



Well there you have it!. I hope you are excited to hear about this brand and if you have favorites from this line please, leave your suggestions in the comments; I would love to hear your thoughts!.  here is where you can purchase all SYN has to offer:)

Take care my readers and have a great rest of the week.

Your Beauty Lover Always, *Amber